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20.04.2013 -Mum's birthday

A late post ...
We had a small dinner at a chinese restaurant in the next town and since it was only with the family and close family friends, I decided to keep it simple as, of course, my mum was the birthday girl!

(I really like the edits on this! It's a shame I couldn't do it on the other ones since I have a fish like memory; well it's most likely >.<)
I wore Black jeans from Primark and a Black top from Asos. Finished it with a bit of colour from the nude,peach/pinky sleeveless aviator I got from Primark and the nude sandals from Zara. As it was still cold in England, I wanted to keep the essence of winter but still have the theme of spring as it is of course supposedly spring time in the UK! But as you all know it's hard to predict british weather, that's why you've always got to be prepared, and so I bought a cardigan with me, which was really helpful :) You've got to have a pair of sunnies with you too! These Ray-Ban sunnies are fit for winter, spring and summer, just perfect anytime sunny!

Yours truly
lexii xo