It's Lexii Lex! <3 -->


"Every story has an end. But in life every ending is just a new beginning"  
I love this quote. I'ts refreshing and inspiring. Everything happens for a reason and, if good things end, something great will bound to happen in the future, you just have to keep moving forward and rise even higher - Lexii

I've been inspired by a lot of style bloggers from there own individualties and ideas of what fashion is all about in their eyes, hence why I've started my very own blog where I can also share my thoughts, ideas, style and other scraps ;) 

Lexii, This is me.

I love things warm, sunny, sweet, cute, cosy, new, fierce, tough, just something different all the time. I give everything a chance and if it's not my cup of tea, at least I gave it a go right?

I'm just:

  • Your average Filipina girl living in the UK with big dreams! 
  • Taking a gap year 
  • Going with the flow
  • Capturing every essence of moment I can get
  • A believer in God
  • A believer in myself
  • And a believer in my family
  • A saver and a spender!
  • A girl who hopes that one day she can have that spotlight as well <3 li="li">
  • Keeping my dreams alive :)


To be honest, I really have no idea what I'm suppose to be doing! I just "go with the flow" but not too much flow, otherwise I could get lost in it, and see where this flow could take me :) I have to warn you guys though, writing is not my best skill at all, so you'll notice that I'll tend to "show" than to "say" and that's where my photography comes in! But I promise I will try harder so you can keep on visiting and reading my "diary" of some sort :D


I've come back. This time, I'm going to blog about anything I feel. So you might find that you'll see a post where I talk about some pretty leaf I found on a pile or a car I like, that's okay, you'll get used to my random ways!