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Let's start again...

See, that's the first thing that came to mind when putting the title up, "let's start again". I haven't really been around as much as I used to. I wasn't as motivated, driven and passionate with blogging. I never really thought about it but what did I need this for? Who was I doing this for and Why did I even start? All of these questions, I'm asking myself now, right this instant, as you are reading. I'm typing as I go along, as I feel like it. So, what happened as you may ask? Well, it's simple really; I grew out of it. Maybe blogging, isn't my thing. And to be honest, that's partly right, it wasn't. But at that time, it seemed like such a good idea, maybe because it was summer, it was fun, there were lots to do, I was caught up in the moment and I felt like I could do it. But as time went by, I just forgot about it. It was the sort of thing I'd go back to at such a random time; I would take a look if it was still there, you know, sometimes when you've not used it as much, they'd delete it, obviously not in this case. The whole of my beautiful summer, May towards September, I had not used it at all. And now,  it's November. Time really does go fast when you're having fun. So many things have happened while I was gone, travelling, working, travelling again and just having fun, chilling, and relaxing. So while all of those things were happening, I'd abandoned this blog. Deep, I know. But I want to start again. I'm on my bed in my university flat room, yes I'm in uni a lot has changed! Anyway, I had some tasks to do for my classes tomorrow, and I did a little but now I'm procrastinating. This is how ended up here again. Yes PROCRASTINATION brought me here, it's what I do best when I just have no motivation. So what I said about starting again, I want to do that, but I don't want to start from scratch, I want to move forward with what I have already, and that's my life now as a university student. I said this blog would be about Fashion, and it still will be, but not the main one. I don't want to limit myself with just one thing, I want to be able to explore with different ideas, themes and styles. This is surely sounding much like my course, which is a Theatre arts course. But rest assured, I won't be talking just about my course, but about everything that's happening, or that's happened in the past few weeks. I want you guys to follow this journey with me and hopefully get inspired by to try out different things and not limit yourself with one. Those questions I asked myself, I can answer them now. I need this for my personal gain, for expressing myself the way I can't in front of people, especially strangers that I've yet to overcome. Blogging will help me write; as a theatre student and an actor I need to be open minded more and to talk freely in discussions. I am starting this because I want to, because I've found new ways to express myself and well, because it's so much better than procrastinating. And who am I doing this for? I'm doing this for me.

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