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This is going to be a really quick post since I have to make my way to work any moment now!
I just wanted to update you(s) about my solo act today. I'm sure all of you have had plans that you couldn't make or plans that have been cancelled because of "unexpected" rain checks, or the last minute plans. See I don't know about you guys, but I prefer the unexpected type, yup the "go with the flow type" Well going straight to the point, seeing as I'm going to work in exactly 5 minutes,  haha I know what the hell am I doing writing a post when I should be worried about being late to work! But yes, It was a nicer day than usual, I thought I'd get ready to do a photoshoot myself :) I asked my friend if she could do it with me, but she thought we wouldn't have time because of my work, and she had a point, but I'd gotten ready already and I didn't want it to go to waste, so I took, my sister's camera (she's not suppose to know this, but sis if you're reading this, sharing is caring right? :D), the tripod, the remote, and started snapping outside in my garden. It didn't really work :/ So yeahp, lesson learned, if your friend says she can't accompany you in any way, don't ask your little sister to take photos for you ^_^ And that's a whole different story!

My failed photo shoot!

Thanks for reading this short post!
I hope to make more and do a lot more of my unexpected plans in the future :)

Yours truly,
Lexii xo

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