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Plans, weather, and mischiefs!

Okay don't be fooled by the title, I really am not up to anything mischiefs, it just came into topicm for some reason :) haha
Anyway, nothing special really happened just to warn you, just been an ordinary day that's all.
I was very excited to share the look that I had put together today as it was simple and very "western" BUT to anyone who has experience the English weather, you should know by now that our weather has this bipolar activity
where 1 minute you look out your window and its all good because the sun comes out of hiding for like a second, sun rays beaming into the gaps of your blinds and shining into your mirrors brightening up your whole room like that! Just when you think your day is set, everything's going to plan and your off to whatever crazy shanigans you had in mind (let's be clear that talking I'm general here, don't think for a second I was actually up to anything mischief; somewhere along the lines of breaking the rules because let's be honest, for those of you know me, knows that deep, I mean way deep in myself that I wold not have the bollocks to even get near to try to get myself into trouble! Haha) anyway that's way out of the topic, but now you know that  I'm a actually a really boring girl, to the say the least (that's when you come in, and say all those really nice compliments that you've got going in your minds, that I'm actually really crazy, bubbly and funny, not to overemphasise or anything :D but I completely just went off in a tangent there and I was doing so well explaining my day :( Moving on, reallyyyy moving on! Aha I was all ready to whatever idea I had planned beforehand, (I'm sure you all know where this is goin, "sun shining and everything") dolled up, as you do, so happy to go, opened the door... Hold up, hoooold way up! You guessed it, the cold, damp, dull weather has come after a long awaited hatius, no I'm actually lying, it never left in the first place haha but still it's very upsetting to have plans and be disappointed that you can't do them anymore, you know the feeling right, of course there's always other days (I really should've checked the weather thinking about it now aha) I actually was planning to do a shoot, and of courses could've done it inside, but I had plans for this particular outfit, I wanted to shoot it where there were nice trees in the background with autumn leaves on the floor and everything was suppose to be really pretty... well I guess there's always next time! Lesson number one, check the weather, two, if the weather changes have an outfit backup, it's hard to pick out one out of rush and you'll probably hate it afterwards and wish you wore something else, so don't do it out of impulse! Or third just stay in, wearing your sweats, watching films and eat popcorn :)

Well there you go, not that you guys needed to know that, but thanks for listening to me ramble on :) I'll try not to drag it out next time, but I'm not promising anything! So if you guys don't mindlistening to me go off in a tangent, then feel free to visit again next time. And those of you who gets bored after the first sentence of any of my posts, thenn keep reading to see what the hype is all about ;) and if not then have a little patience with future posts :D

Thank you for reading! Hope you didn't get too caught up in the moment ;) aha
Till next time!

Lexii xo

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