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Boots obsession!

Package arrived!

Since payday happened again, I had no self control but to buy 3 new pairs of heeled boots! It didn't help that it was on sale as more purchases I was making online, the more it was digging a hole on my bank account :(

But then again they were on sale and it was love at first sight! Haha I guess that makes it even more worth it to buy them :D The good thing about this whole purchased experience was that it came so quickly, within two days of purchasing it, it came knocking on my door! No doubt about it I'll be buying more shoes from this website :) All thanks to my best friend for introducing me to this online shop, you know who you are ;)

These heeled boots were from - check it out they have a lot of good shoes on sale!

I've always wanted these shoes! I love the colour, blue's always been my favourite! I have blue everything, blue shoes, blue clothes, blue bag! Now one more added to the collection :)

- Perfect for a night out, dinner date! Wear this with dark skinny jeans, a simple top, thick scarf and a leather jacket making the colour of the shoes to pop completing the whole look.

I love these shoes! fell in love with them the moment I saw the simple colour and the studs. I think these shoes are so unique, I love it! And of course, I had to show off my photography skills with these, couldn't help it, the studs were calling out for me! :))

- Perfect for parties, night out! Complete with leather finish look leggings and a light baggy jumper/knitwear for a casual look. Or a cute little black dress for parties and night outs! I'd wear a turquoise or light blue clothing with these as blue and white goes so well together! plus I love the colour blue :) I've always worn, a white dress with blue/turquoise heels, it's time to do the opposite i think :)

I really like these shoes because you can just about wear this anywhere! Shopping, night out, dinner, day out, you name it! It fits with everything! I love the colour of these shoes, you can wear anything plain and it'd still suit. This enhances dark outfits since the colour pops. 

- Biker boots! Once again, in love with these boots! Had to get them as it was going to go out of stock :( But I got there thankfully! I wear this everywhere now, since the "long awaited" cold weather is here (not much seeing as it never left in England at all -_-), keeps me warm, and waterproof from rain :)
- Get them if you want the soft grunge look ;) 

The ISO on this photo was a little bit too much, just a little :S aha at least it's clear, which all that matters :)

These boots were from (I quite like this photo, so random but there you go:D )

 Once again, I got carried away with the photography :) 

 But then again, if you have things to share at least present them nicely, am I right :D like this :)

Hopefully, I'll have more photography soon, I used to do a lot and I miss it!

Thank you for reading! Hope you like them :)

Lexii xo

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